DMI - Investigations

Our services include:

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Insurance Fraud
Corporate Investigations
Information Retrieval Services
Criminal Investigations

Civil and Corporate Investigations

Investigation or Service Requests
General Investigation Specialized Investigation
Locates/Skip Tracing
Missing Person
Child Custody/Endangerment
Background Checks
Asset Checks
Threat Assessment
Bodyguard Services/Executive Protection
Copyright/Trademark Infringement
Fugitive Recovery
Pre-Employment Screening
Covert and Undercover Operations
Intelligence Gathering
Wrongful Termination
or Something Similar

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Hate Crime
Assault and Battery
Wrongful Death
Industrial/Economic Espionage
TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)
Forensic Investigations
Something Similar

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DMI is a full service investigation agency with several divisions. DMI provides complete services to Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, Law Firms, Self-Insured and Self-Administered Companies and the Entertainment Industry, as well as to the General Public.

Our Special Investigative Unit (SIU) is deployed into serious matters ranging from homicide, insurance fraud rings and espionage, to corporate takeovers. Our experienced investigators are also deployed in workers compensation claims, aoe-coe, personal injury, wrongful death, vehicular and construction accident investigations, as well as a diverse scope of undercover operations.

DMI is also a full informational retrieval service company, offering everything from background checks to asset investigations.

Here at DMI our mission is to provide accurate, professional service in an extremely proficient and timely manner.